House of Icons

Guess the Icon

Combining Minimalist Art and gaming together, House of Icons challenges you, on how cultured you are about western media and tests your brain on identifying the most popular icons in North American through minimalistic Art. Welcome to the House of Icons.

How Cultured are you? In a world where there are millions of brands, characters, personalities, House of Icons has created a game where we test your knowledge on how in tuned you are with today's popular icons.

House of Icons: Guess the Icon


Do you have the skills? Are you knowledgeable enough? You think you are upto date on today's culture.

We've pooled the most popular icons from the 80's to the Present and created 400 beautiful minimalistic art designs for you to enjoy and solve. Relax, appreciate, and solve away at your own time and progress through the beautiful pieces that we're designed specifically for this game, and reminisce about when you were influenced by these artists, products, or brands.